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Machines news

Machines were created to make human life easier. A machine is only a motorized gadget consisting of different parts.

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artificial intelligence

When it comes to artificial intelligence vs human brain then there are some people

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IT Management

who believe artificial intelligence is more efficient than the human brain..

Cyber Security

As time passed by humans became dependent on machines..

PC Computing

Humans have a need to interact with each other because communication is not possible with machines.

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We feel comfortable in expressing, probing and getting our problems solved with humans.

Humans are created of flesh and blood, they have a life. Humans have emotions and feelings, they express different emotions at different times.

  • Machines work with their mechanical brain

  • which is programmed by humans

  • Humans understand the situation and respond accordingly

whereas machines do not have the capability of understanding.

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IT Consulting

Humans are creative and imaginative. They can create and invent new things but machines.

Software Dev

There are many variations of passages of lorem im available, but majority suffered.

Cloud Computing

cannot do such types of work because they use artificial intelligence

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IT Technology

Humans are creative and imaginative.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    They can create and invent new things but machines cannot do such types of work because they use artificial intelligence.

  • Augmented Reality

    Machines are operated and guided by humans

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Humans are blessed with intelligence and emotions while machines have artificial intelligence.

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What is Holding Back the IT Solution Industry?

The industrial revolution has also led to unemployment.


frameworks to provide

as a result, there is a loss of medium skill jobs in various sectors.


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies.

Some effects of a machine on humans are competency.

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The radiation released from smartphones is absorbed

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